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    Bob Marley

      Got my subscription to Nature! First issue should arrive in the next couple of weeks and then I’ll be getting an issue a week!

      Bob Marley

        My grandfather used to say that he felt that the psychics didn’t need signs telling them about their annual meeting πŸ˜›


          A name for the mouse? Heck no, these might come in handy for a list later: The mouse fairy, Tydium Night-rat, Mouse-in-pad, De-tail E-lab-o-rat, House of Shining Rodients!
          These days they won’t need to, as there is a webpage. Is there life after death, and was there life before 1937?
          Talking of the out-there and mysterious, someone posted an SCP game script, contributions required, have you come across any SCP items of interest? No direct SCP references to be found in the xkcd comics – someone suggested this, and, segueing into related, wonder if Strange Planet is any good?
          The alarm clock radio turned out to be a dud, the replacement is a lot better, and the good news continues, the Product Review Team finally merged the Facebook account into the gmail one – kudos to them!

          Bob Marley

            And the Mouse on the Shelf could also be useful!

            Their website is still using old share links? Cool! They don’t go searching for Bigfoot. Pretty sure that’s the realm of cryptozoologists, though πŸ˜›

            Kind of surprised the organization wasn’t featured in The X-Files. If it was, I missed it. Probably should watch the series again, anyhow. πŸ™‚ Didn’t watch the newer seasons. Watched a few episodes and they didn’t have the same charm so I didn’t continue.

            Haven’t really come across anything but didn’t know about the site. Will check it out!

            Yeah, clock radios seem to be decreasing in quality. That makes me sad. πŸ™ They’re still useful! Not everyone wants to pull out their phones to check the time and they’re great for background noise! Speaking of which, I need to track down a few myself. They’re getting rather hard to come by over here!


              Neither do they focus on Ley Lines, Te lapa, Fairy Circles, creepypasta, or generally things that go bump in the night!

              Yeah, the 45 minute episode formula, even the original X-Files was no more than a bunch of lightly serialised well packed stories – ever come across anything that spanned more than one episode?

              We did mention Starwars – so chanced upon this 13mb download of a beauty at Wayback. Star Roars, The Force and I, The Empire Strikes Out, Rehash of the jeti, may the farce be with you, and gooly o’ gosh this imagination never ever conceived of such a creation as the Millennium Enterprise.
              Never knew the great teacher Obi-Wan Kenobi was actually Oldie Von Moldie, a 97 year old Commercial Airline Pilot who in his spare time, moonlights as a Telephone Operator after many years teaching this guy:

              I’m Lube Skystalker! I’m majoring in “Incredible Space Heroics” at Buffoon Tech! As my Term Project, I decided to organize an army, find a convenient space ship, rescue you, and fly you six billion miles to safety on the planet, Dreidel!

              Fun fact, Obi was no Gradgrind either.
              Gradgrind from Hard Times

              Bob Marley

                Yep! They had various multi-part episodes and they’d have ongoing storylines across a season. The early seasons were mostly self contained episodes, though

                I think I may have that issue in a box somewhere! I distinctly remember it πŸ˜€

                Yep! Luke’s plan never did make sense! What was he thinking? πŸ˜›

                Got the e-reader back up and running! Still having some database issues, though. Don’t know why I can’t get certain books, going to need to look into it at some point. Even some I’m trying to renew say the database entry is bad, which is weird :/

                So they’re building robots to test out how dinos used to live: https://newatlas.com/science/robot-dinosaurs-hunting-techniques/

                Animatronic Jurassic Park please!

                Bob Marley

                  Yay! Got my first issue of Nature!


                    Sounds like a robotosaurus would make the perfect villian in the next Transformers movie! πŸ™‚

                    Never judge a magazine by its cover, go to the back page and check out the cartoons first! πŸ˜›

                    Just posted a notification of warning about our national emblem minced, cracked teeth are no fun at all. πŸ™

                    Bob Marley


                      They haven’t done a robotic dino yet…? They’ve done most everything else!

                      No cartoons or ads in this one! Pure science!

                      πŸ™ Had similar issues buying sausages from the local butcher. Every time I buy some, I wind up with fragments in them. The sausages themselves are great as they make them themselves but I got tired of them not separating things well enough and had to stop buying them

                      I was exploring Toronto on VR this morning and they have shared road space with their trains. So trams on steroids. Really wish we had that here. It’d be nice! I’d even settle for regular commuter rail. Florida has hardly anything but buses πŸ™


                        Yep, attempting to convince a 240 lb butcher wielding a meat cleaver his mince sucks is risky at best. πŸ˜›
                        There are some good bike trails in Florida, pity they do not co-exist with main roads very well. Problem the world over. πŸ™
                        In the Florida Keys Heritage Trail, there’s “obey all traffic laws.” Over here bikes on trails aren’t considered as “traffic” – or is it those trails cut across live traffic throughways?
                        Edit: Nature.com certainly does the rounds, here they reveal the news of the earliest known evidence of photosynthesis – amazing how these things preserve for so long. πŸ™‚

                        Bob Marley


                          Decided to try the sausages again as it’s been a few years. Hopefully I don’t find any fragments this go around πŸ™‚

                          Yep, pedestrian and bike traffic seems to be an afterthought! Just a couple of months ago, they were doing sidewalk repairs by laying down new sections of concrete and decided to do both sides of the road on the same day. Come on! I had to walk somewhere! πŸ™

                          It varies. On the main road, bikes need to abide by similar rules as to cars but, on trails, it’s mostly a courtesy thing. While you’re supposed to signal on roads, very few people know about and do so and it’s not at all enforced.

                          Yep! That’s actually the next article in the issue I’m reading! Would have gotten to it yesterday but I read a paper by NASA on how the Greenland Ice Sheet was doomed in it which kind of threw me off a bit. Kind of depressing.


                            Interesting – the info on Wikipedia suggests a minimum time interval before melt as 1000 years, is it possible sooner?
                            Just a couple of posts back:

                            Toronto trains are trams on steroids

                            Over here, our commuter trains are trams on downers, and that’s on a good day!
                            And someone from Reddit said trackless trams are glorified buses. It matters little in the end what mode is best, other than bike compatibility in road sharing. And ease of use for cyclists travelling long distances- it takes a good dose of courage for a cyclist to take a bike on a commuter train that has standing room only!

                            Bob Marley

                              They didn’t give a timeframe, it was more of a call to action than anything. It mostly focused on how it would disrupt the ocean currents.

                              Over here, our buses have bike racks but they can only hold a couple of bikes. In other areas, people are starting to get folding bikes to more easily take with them but those can get heavy! πŸ˜›


                                In the “good old days”, such as they were, many trains had luggage compartments in the carriage, or an entire carriage for luggage, a caboose if you will. Different solutions are required today for the commuting cyclist of today, perhaps one or two carriages equipped with extra racks would do the job.

                                Interesting stuff on the radio today:

                                Exposed brick, smashed avocado, hanging edison bulbs, the patina of industry and reclaimed wood furniture – this is what writer and critic, Kyle Chayka calls Filterworld. It’s greige, ambient, seamless, meaningless; its sameness disguised as difference, homogeneity recast as authenticity, placelessness as specificity. Its manifestations in architecture, design, food – the aesthetic landscapes in which we live – is a kind of perverse application of Brian Eno’s description of ambience as being as ignorable as it is interesting. Kyle discusses the political and psychological implications of this ubiquitous global ambience and what it means to live in a machine-curated world.

                                He goes on to describe the time when visitors to an Instagram Wall decorated with an angel wings mural are required to stretch their arms out in front of it, and then request a friend or passerby to take a photo of them in the pose. Then post it to Instagram, with the appropriate hashtag, and search the hashtag for an almost infinite number of other folks in the same place doing exactly the same thing. The idea is that the The Tyranny of the Algorithm constructs places in RL and on the internet (of social media) to all be a mod on this prototype. My classic mind translates this as a homogenous gloop of plurality as found in Warhol’s soup cans. πŸ˜›
                                So yep, FilterWorld is where we are at right now, which got me thinking, has there ever existed a canonical list of names ending with “land” or “world”? As it turned out, commencing a quest of instant info hit will do it, asked my first question at Reddit, let it bring forth much filtered yet unfettered truth, so help me Algorithm!

                                Bob Marley

                                  They still did when I last took the train to visit my aunt in another state fifteen years ago. Of course, that was an overnighter so luggage compartments were expected. They were on the outside, though, on each carriage and only gave you enough room under the seat for a duffel. Would have liked an actual compartment inside so I wouldn’t need to worry as much about my bag but such as it is. πŸ™‚

                                  Too bad folding bikes aren’t more popular. The ones I’ve seen have been quite cool: able to become nice and tiny to fit in the seat next to you. They would solve a lot of problems!

                                  And, of course, Family Land makes an appearance! πŸ˜€

                                  The idea of FilterWorld makes me think of a post in Nature I read yesterday. Someone went to describe how the Universe is a result of compounding of several different events, using silliness as examples, and how we’d live in a different Universe entirely if the seemingly pointless events never happened. He focused on silliness to make a point and I think just because it made it a lot more fun πŸ˜›


                                    Another gotcha is is folding bikes were more popular, their parts would be cheaper to make and distribute. Do like the quick release system on bikes, it’s funny that idea was never successfully extended to heavier machinery e.g. wheels on cars. A quick release 20 ton backhoe. πŸ˜›
                                    Good to know they can work for things like battery terminals.
                                    Perhaps we are in a silly universe already, so we have no idea what isn’t! πŸ™‚
                                    After watching reams of quiz shows and the like of the years, have eventually come to the conclusion the periodic table knowledge is on the fritz. These things will help a little:

                                    Bob Marley

                                      Yep, scale is always an issue. Maybe one day the issues will be solved!

                                      Over here, quick release isn’t very popular as people tend to steal the tires. Bit of a problem in the US. πŸ™

                                      Wheel of Fortune is just a “Fill in the blanks” Periodic Table! A take home version, if you will. πŸ˜›

                                      Bob Marley

                                        I somehow missed the terahertz revolution in science, it looks like….

                                        The shop didn’t order the snowman cover for Power Girl. Makes me sad. πŸ™

                                        They do tend to be hit or miss on the event related covers so I always pick a back up if I’m not a big fan of the main cover in case they didn’t order the event ones. I may need to ask them how they decide which ones to order sometime

                                        • This reply was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by Bob Marley.

                                          It’s in tomography, imaging scans are possible, is there much tech available for it?
                                          You mean this?
                                          Power Girl and Snowman
                                          Regardless of the very forgiving nature of Power Girl, the shop will still have to answer to Snowman!
                                          There are heaps of posters available, even figurines, have you found any any larger than this one?
                                          As well as the ages of the earth, quizzlings (not to be confused with quislings) must be knowledgeable on the atmospheric layers:
                                          Ionosphere in atmosphere
                                          Gets warmer in the ozone layer, and again in the thermosphere!

                                          Bob Marley

                                            I don’t think so, it’s mostly just research right now. They’re using it to play with quantum states and that sort of thing. Not much but baby steps! πŸ™‚

                                            Yep, that’s the one! I could order the cover but it’s probably not worth spending an extra 5 USD in addition to the cover price just for it, no matter how much I like it πŸ˜›

                                            Sideshow has a couple!


                                            Have you ever seen This is Indexed? They do witty graphs! Been enjoying them for decades!

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