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    Bob Marley

      Here’s a somewhat somber article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lost_inventions

      Incomplete as it doesn’t mention the Antikythera mechanism and probably others but an interesting read all the same.


        If Omega Mart is the future of shopping, Vegas here we come:

        Occasionally get themed jars through donations over here, haven’t come across anything quite like the Amazon set yet. And the deadly nightshade jar is first choice for the safe and secure storage of extremely valuable comestibles in deterring sneaky light fingered kitchen visitors. 🙂

        Interesting collection of oddities, funny, no recollection of anyone resurrecting or rebranding Mithridate for pandemic sufferers. 😛

        Over here we have bitumen bandits, tar comes at a premium, thus such temptations – along with dreams of driveway makeovers- ultimately end up in the tar pit. 🙁

        Some of the southern states, particularly Louisiana and Alabama raise alligators for their meat and eggs, plying them with “vegan” fare consisting of soy bean based pellets or similar. If it is available your way, might be inspiration for some snappy recipes. 🙂

        Bob Marley

          They have a few other locations around the country as well, each with a completely different theme! Looks like they poopooed a Florida location at some point so, sadly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to experience them any time soon. Looks like a blast, though. 🙂

          Also a good way to have your spices go missing if a wicked witch visits for the day. 😛

          I strongly disagree with the article about space travel being a lost invention. The plans are in the filing cabinets and the infrastructure still stands at Cape Canaveral (it’s been repurposed for private launches). It’s more out of a lack of motivation than anything.

          We have the exact same thing!

          Yep, alligator is definitely available here but only in the small local grocers. Quite tasty! Granted, I haven’t had it in a while. Used to have gator tail pretty often at eateries when I was a kid but it’s mostly been taken off the menus now. Still can find the main meat at the grocer, though, so I may need to get some soon 🙂

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          Bob Marley

            Saw a hazmat employee picking up lunch in the McDonald’s drive-thru today. Didn’t think to get a picture but seeing the truck there gave me a chuckle


            Anyone need a supercomputer? Doubt it’ll run Crysis, though, since the GPUs usually aren’t designed with visuals in mind. Of course, it’d be handy for multiversal mapping and the like.


              A hazmat truck parked outside any fine dining establishment may impact on the comfort of patrons and ease of staff!
              That thing is more than ten tonnes – the Frontier is hundreds of times more powerful, only around 30 times heavier. No bids from here either. 😛
              Have you been to the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex? Presumably the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility is situated a respectable distance from the restaurants.
              Interesting layout though:
              Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility layout

              Bob Marley

                A nuclear bunker themed eatery could be fun in a somewhat morbid way. The menu could have things such as Glow In The Dark (a mixed drink), Bug Burgers (hamburgers crafted to look like roaches), and the like. 😛

                A few years back, I suggested that the world’s supercomputers be tuned to either SETI@Home (now defunct) or Folding@Home to help with more practical matters. Hopefully whoever gets that thing takes that recommendation to heart!

                Of course, moving it and running it will likely be a lot higher than the winning bid. 😛

                Yep, been there! Been close to twenty years and need to go back (silly transportation) but it’s definitely worth a periodic trip. Yeah, the building is set quite a ways back. The thinking being that if something goes boom, it’ll be easier to contain the fallout. Rocket fuel isn’t exactly the most stable of substances 😛

                They used to let you take a looksie in the building but they may have locked it down with everything that’s gone on in the world over the last couple of decades. There’s an old myth that it has its own weather system but it’s really just fog that seeps in.

                Wait, sorry. I’m thinking of the Vehicle Assembly Building which looks similar to the image you linked. I honestly don’t remember the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility at all. May not have been on the tour.

                Krypton Storage Building. So that’s where Superman lives! 😀

                Bob Marley

                  The Harley Quinn Annual made a good point regarding calzones: in essence, they’re just folded pizzas. However, many places put their own spin on them turning them into a sort of hand pie instead of a turnover. In which case, are calzo es still technically pizza turnovers? Even more importantly, will such a distinction cause an extinction level event when the riots start?

                  When that happens, I expect Florida to have one of the largest populations when most life is extinguished on the planet due to the Great Calzone Event Horizon on account of our roaches alone due to our swampy environment. 😛

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                    A good idea might have been a sister site, STI@Home, the search for terrestrial intelligence. At this moment, as well as other moments past and present, Computational Biology looks to be beyond mine, curiously the timeline chart of the Genome project ends abruptly at 2003.
                    Krypton? Sure to contain a wormhole teleporter to the planet itself, it’s not too far away. 😛
                    Pizza turnover, or just a pizza lump:

                    When the moon hits your rump like a big pizza lump, that’s amore.

                    Will Chaise Longues ever become fashionable again, or are they considered just too Freudian? 😛
                    The local EB Games store finally folded, it’s clear the advent of fast internet here has made online game purchases much more convenient, if packaged physical media is now out of favour, seems their trading cards will probably end up the same way. 🙁
                    A favourite local coffee shop has also closed permanently due to many factors including competition, autumn is the best time for it as custom is not slated to improve during winter. 🙁
                    Do recall reading Hitch Your Wagon to a Star, at school – what do you make of it? Here, it’s the sense many of the world’s billionaires do in actual fact fit the mould of “the man with one dollar”. 🙂

                    Bob Marley

                      Yeah, work continues today on it but they called it “complete” twenty years ago. I remember my grandfather sent off a sample as part of the project. How can it be complete if they’re still analyzing it?

                      Sounds like something out of The Raven. 😛 I like calzones. Around here, they tend to fill it with a fluffy cheese making it taste very light. Haven’t had one in years, though. Should probably change that at some point. We only have a few places nearby that do them though so they’re a little bit hard to get

                      I use my couch as a chaise. I tend to curl up in it cat-like for some reason when I’m not on the beanbag chairs. 😛

                      Personally, I switched to digital games a few years back to help reduce waste. Not always an option if you have poor connectivity, though. There will always be a market for physical games but it’ll probably become smaller over time.

                      Always sad to see stores close, though. I bought quite a few things at EB over here before GameStop bought them. If they’re going to do a fire sale, go nuts! That’s how I got my neon open sign from Blockbuster.

                      Oh, no. 🙁

                      Coffee shops are great places to relax and get things done. Very sad to see 🙁

                      I have a question!

                      Small ladies, possessing subtile bellies, knew heroes

                      Is it supposed to be “subtile” or “subtle”? Looks like the meaning is the same. A reduction over time, perhaps? There are a few words like that.

                      Will need to think about the poem some 🙂

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                        Got a wood fired oven, never made a pizza in it yet. Hmmm, that could change. 🙂

                        Ooh, you have a neon sign? Don’t have Blockbuster over here so a sign like this might look out of place. 😛

                        The following would be a worthy addition to a shopfront – (residence anyone?) or nearby a portal to interplanetary travel – even if it adds a little to light pollution.
                        Bright Planet

                        Wiktionary has subtile derived from the Latin, an early use of the word can be found in the English translation of The Praise of Folie (subtile docteurs) top of page 60.

                        While on poems, The Fires of God presents in a more epic vein if you will, and hopefully less obtuse.
                        The preference here has always been limericks though. 😛

                        Bob Marley

                          Yep, you should make a pizza in it!

                          I do have a pizza stone but have never used it for pizza. I’ve only ever used it for bread 😛

                          Yep! The branch said everything must go so I took them at their word and got the sign 😀 Awesome! These days, most places are using LED imitation lights. I don’t think they look as cool and they lack the sound of the plasma! I always found the plasma buzz to be rather soothing

                          Ooh, that would be a great fit for a space themed mini-golf course. And let’s not forget about Pizza Planet!


                          Not haikus? 🙁 They’re pretty succinct and hit the spot!

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