The Rocky World of Rockland – Or the Life and times of a Rocking Civilization

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    Bob Marley

      It was a fine day in Rockland. The volcanoes were erupting, the meteorites were landing, and the rockslides were plentiful. In short, the atmosphere was perfect for our rock loving denizens. Rocks were being bred at a good rate which new ones crawling out from their nesting grounds daily. The newborns took quite a fancy to the rockslides, enjoying the downhill and sometimes airborne fun. Not all of the airborne part was fun, however. Sometimes they got rock sick and coughed up gravel. But it was a good life. As they got older, they learned how to work on the farms to cultivate lava for the nest.

      As the rocks farmed, the rockets continued to launch while the Rockettes danced at their whim. Rock and roll was playing in the background, and why not? They love to rock out. As the work continues, the atmosphere gets somewhat cloudy. Oh no! A storm is brewing! Everyone to shelter! It starts raining cats and dogs, who then start digging up the farm. Oh the rockmanity! Quickly, measures are taken to prevent disaster. The rockets stop launching, the rolls are disembarked to serve as a distraction. Where to lead them!? To the Rock-feller Center! So thus they lead the unexpected organic lifeforms to the big boulder hollowed out by time and set it up as a zoo. Where shall the sustenance come from? Why the next orbit over! Daily, they ship in the food required for the zoo. And yarn, lots of yarn. And even more for why shouldn’t yarn have a place in rock society? It could be used to make artificial rock beds to sleep on.

      As the new industry flourished, so did rock society and they were happy to continue the work.

      As they continued to prosper, the threat of being rolled up started to increase on account of being invaded by giant pandas. The pandas liked rolling around, especially on the rocks, which caused fear to spread over the rocky seas. Now, the pandas were simply looking for bamboo shoots and arrived by mistakes but that was not known to rock society. They tried to launch a defensive by banging themselves together but this only served to ignite fires and didn’t seem to phase the pandas. The pandas, having arrived after a long journey, simply took a nap. The rocks started deliberating about what to do and decided that the pandas were okay sleeping but not rolling. Thus they built a panda nest by molding the magma. As the pandas slept on the new volcanic rock bed, they dreamt of bamboo of course. But bamboo wasn’t to be found in the galaxy, which they were unaware. Fortunately, they had enough food stored in their coffers to last quite some time so they weren’t at risk of going hungry. The rocks, seeing this, thought of stealing the food to try to come to an arrangement but decided against it. What to do! Sleeping bears! Who happened to be snoring loudly! Rolls are still plentiful in supply, however. Perhaps they can be used to roll the pandas back to their transport sloop, which was quite comfortable even if small. How the pandas liked to sail! So the rolls started teeing up the bamboo carriers, for those happened to be found somewhere even though no one could agree on where they had come from. The pandas flopped on the carriers and brought back to the sloop and were quite content.


        Mad feedback lifted from Teams:

        Interesting ending directed to the farms, it could lead into a parody of Animal Farm with Rock Farm as an alternative title. Maybe there’s a lava thief, or a rival rock faction, or a coming cataclysm which will hurtle the poor rocks out in orbit of a dying sun.
        Yarn to make the rocks yawn for.
        Rolls disembarked or disenfranchised? There’s a possibility of a rival clan on the other side of the planet. Who might they be? Could be the Rolls! It’s going to be the Rocks versus the Rolls in a no limits Rock and Roll rollout of the planets greatest rockup!
        And the heroes of the pandas could be none other that popular team of five- the Bam-Fu Pandas? Some proficiency in the ancient art of Bam-fu required to haul those unruly rocks and rolls in order, no doubt.

        Over here we have Rocklea Road.
        Rocklea Road
        An idea that might even lead to the exposition of a Big Rock Candy Mountains theme in verse!

        Oh, the buzzin’ of the bees in the cigarette trees
        The soda water fountain
        Where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings
        In that Big Rock Candy Mountain.

        Bob Marley


          May try to add to the adventures in the coming weeks. Hopefully inspiration strikes!

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