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    From this blog it explains:

    Through From Dusk Till Dawn, the Titty Twister bar goes from Mayincatec-inspired nightclub to vampire den to a full-blown Mayincatec sacrificial pyramid almost buried in the Mexican desert. All within a short distance of the Mexican-American border.

    And here there is:

    As one of the genre world’s preeminent Mexican-American filmmakers, Robert Rodriguez is known for creatively incorporating his Latino background into his work. Even though Quentin Tarantino wrote the script for From Dusk Till Dawn, the matte shot of the Aztec temple at the end was Rodriguez’s idea, no doubt in an attempt to connect the film’s vampires to a Mesoamerican identity rather than the traditional European image. The filmmaker hung the painting on his wall for eighteen years until he finally got an opportunity to return to that imposing pyramid.

    Yeah the AztecMayincatec theme wanted re-inforcing, if there was ever a little souvenir shop next to Titty Twisters that sold “local” vampire gear including pyramid shaped mementos… The resulting effect of the movie was to bang together a bunch of terrific ideas and hope it all worked within allocated time & budget constraints.
    Liked the soundtrack, especially Stevie Ray Vaugahn and his brother’s blues. 🙂
    Heh, had to choice on FTA of watching Piranha or Vera, went with Vera as the other seemed a bit teeny- was that the case with you?
    Go for the early Midsomer Murders with Nettles, they have some genuine moments of creepiness, some of the late ones can be fun as well. 🙂