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    Ah, it’s a Valve game, and the site directly links to Steam for downloads, so you have it installed then. There are many things that appeal about the Steam interface, having certainly maturated, but not to the point of suppuration.
    Yes, work & play. Surely there will (or does) exist a (non VR) game that folks with shout from the rooftops runs soooo much better on *Nix than Windows. Can one ever be tempted?
    And the other thing, to reboot in order to play a game, won’t that bring forward the EOL circumstance of the precious SSD even more?
    (The persistence of such dilemmas could send one past PEBCAC territory, and into the Slough of Despond, wringing their hands, sponging their eyeballs, and shaking their very peripherals with grief!) 😭