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Bob Marley

    Currently playing it on Windows. It’ll work on *nix but I’m trying to separate out the two systems into work and play 🙂

    Yep, the character analysis is fascinating!

    Maybe! Generally, they were added right below the content. Old versions of IP.Board had them, too!

    Digg has gone from an aggregator to curated, StumbleUpon was shut down, and it looks like Delicious also shut down with the brand being traded around for some odd reason or another. Makes me kind of sad 🙁

    Yeah. Canada also has some bad wildfires now, as well 🙁

    The planet is in a lot of pain lately 🙁

    We’ve been getting a fair amount of rain but it hasn’t been cooling things off much. Instead, it’s been 95+F with 100% humidity as a result. Feels like 110F or so. Yuck!

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