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Bob Marley

    Weather hasn’t been cooperating 🙁

    Been taking it out in the mornings due to the heat but it’s so humid that it’s not much better. I was walking to the store the other day early in the morning and it was so humid that I was drenched by the time I got there

    It’s also been raining a lot, making things pretty difficult. Hopefully I’ll be able to start back up in a few weeks!


    Sometimes, there are beautiful lightning shows tens of miles away that we can see here and without the thunder. I really enjoy watching them in the dark! 🙂

    Been trying out Eve Online the last few days (will get back to NMS soon!) and I’m enjoying it even if it’s a spreadsheet simulator with very nice visuals 😛

    And Microsoft Flight Simulator is 150 GB…? That would probably need a drive all on its own!


    I think I’ll get a thread up for project ideas. Give me a bit as things are rather busy over here 🙂

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