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    Any idea of the grape variety? Could be the muscadine which has many cultivars apparently.
    Vinegar is a really good descaler, for total clean Sodium Metabisulphite came to mind, briefly, as it’s very unpleasant to work with. It requires absence from the room while it is bubbling through the pipes after which it has to be all flushed out with water, making it totally messy and over complicated. A working video might attract a certain Youtube crowd. 😛
    Christmas in July perhaps? Could also be a novel way of stocking up with XMAS gear now, for the crowd pleasing effect of putting all those items on sale when the season actually arrives!
    Replacing a lavender planted last year which died most probably because of insufficient sunlight (it was a wet year), a Blueberry Lavender “Ruffles” has been put in a slightly sunnier position nearby. Thing is, despite it being bred for Australian (think sunny) conditions, there’s only about half a day direct sun available, the rest is filtered, so hope it’s enough.