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Bob Marley

    Awesome! I’ve been tempted to take a stool and make it look like a toadstool myself. 😀

    We have a lot of groups (some local government) it looks like that post online regarding lost/found pets. Not sure of the success rate, though. I think a lot of people aren’t aware of the listing services. Maybe a better information campaign would help?

    Yep! It’s a curious event. I can see it being used for things at a great distance such as for communication or even beaming energy back without direct lines of sight. Still early stages yet but it holds a lot of potential!

    I found more grape vines that are producing in the swamp. Made a mental note of them for August. 🙂

    I probably need to pour some more vinegar into my air handler’s port. Did it a while ago before Spring but it’s probably a good idea to do it again now that the hot season is starting.

    I was at the hardware store yesterday and they’ve already started moving the Christmas stuff in. It’s too early!