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    Got some mushroom solar lights in the garden which all need new batteries, got the batteries, now all that’s required is the time to do them. 😛
    🙂 Over here there’s a hub which can double as a lost/found noticeboard. Apart from one item several years ago, there have been sporadic reports of pets (mainly dogs) going missing, and consequently found. Might be an idea for the local government to hand the baton over to the post office or even the public library to handle lost/found property matters. It’s probably been done before, and hasn’t worked. 😛
    Entanglement is a mystery- the distance was discovered to be over 1200km – how much can it get to?
    Been busy in the garden preparing for a dry season(s) ahead, along with the manual control of weeds, especially renegade blackberry growth. Fun. 🙂