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Laurie Stearn

    Yes, the Goondocks, hey that’s – we’re in it. (Aside: Probably a good thing with own water as it is getting expensive around the city up north.)
    Well, a “quality” creature feature – see what you mean – a popular one here on FTA that came close was Rampage.
    Oh, you mean the 2021 version? The 1982 version doesn’t rate well compared to Sleepaway Camp, for instance.
    Almost completed the first season of Wayward Pines – working well for me though it’s not quite classic grade.
    The state FTA are screening the Documentary Now shows, wow, the “DRONEZ: The Hunt for El Chingon” episode is actually quite alarming as they release footage indicating the sudden demise of journalists at the hands of drug thugs.
    Another one relates the story of The Blue Jean Committee “Catalina Breeze“.
    The channel is also flooding us with more Armisen, this time, Portlandia. Fast paced, punchy comedy routines, which strikes out in all directions, so making it quite unique. There’s of whiff of Seinfeld, The Goodies, Goons, and even The Big Bang Theory (detracts for me – not being a fan).
    Pity it had to end though. 🙁