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    Got a wood fired oven, never made a pizza in it yet. Hmmm, that could change. 🙂

    Ooh, you have a neon sign? Don’t have Blockbuster over here so a sign like this might look out of place. 😛

    The following would be a worthy addition to a shopfront – (residence anyone?) or nearby a portal to interplanetary travel – even if it adds a little to light pollution.
    Bright Planet

    Wiktionary has subtile derived from the Latin, an early use of the word can be found in the English translation of The Praise of Folie (subtile docteurs) top of page 60.

    While on poems, The Fires of God presents in a more epic vein if you will, and hopefully less obtuse.
    The preference here has always been limericks though. 😛