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    A good idea might have been a sister site, STI@Home, the search for terrestrial intelligence. At this moment, as well as other moments past and present, Computational Biology looks to be beyond mine, curiously the timeline chart of the Genome project ends abruptly at 2003.
    Krypton? Sure to contain a wormhole teleporter to the planet itself, it’s not too far away. 😛
    Pizza turnover, or just a pizza lump:

    When the moon hits your rump like a big pizza lump, that’s amore.

    Will Chaise Longues ever become fashionable again, or are they considered just too Freudian? 😛
    The local EB Games store finally folded, it’s clear the advent of fast internet here has made online game purchases much more convenient, if packaged physical media is now out of favour, seems their trading cards will probably end up the same way. 🙁
    A favourite local coffee shop has also closed permanently due to many factors including competition, autumn is the best time for it as custom is not slated to improve during winter. 🙁
    Do recall reading Hitch Your Wagon to a Star, at school – what do you make of it? Here, it’s the sense many of the world’s billionaires do in actual fact fit the mould of “the man with one dollar”. 🙂