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Bob Marley

    A nuclear bunker themed eatery could be fun in a somewhat morbid way. The menu could have things such as Glow In The Dark (a mixed drink), Bug Burgers (hamburgers crafted to look like roaches), and the like. 😛

    A few years back, I suggested that the world’s supercomputers be tuned to either SETI@Home (now defunct) or Folding@Home to help with more practical matters. Hopefully whoever gets that thing takes that recommendation to heart!

    Of course, moving it and running it will likely be a lot higher than the winning bid. 😛

    Yep, been there! Been close to twenty years and need to go back (silly transportation) but it’s definitely worth a periodic trip. Yeah, the building is set quite a ways back. The thinking being that if something goes boom, it’ll be easier to contain the fallout. Rocket fuel isn’t exactly the most stable of substances 😛

    They used to let you take a looksie in the building but they may have locked it down with everything that’s gone on in the world over the last couple of decades. There’s an old myth that it has its own weather system but it’s really just fog that seeps in.

    Wait, sorry. I’m thinking of the Vehicle Assembly Building which looks similar to the image you linked. I honestly don’t remember the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility at all. May not have been on the tour.

    Krypton Storage Building. So that’s where Superman lives! 😀