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    If Omega Mart is the future of shopping, Vegas here we come:

    Occasionally get themed jars through donations over here, haven’t come across anything quite like the Amazon set yet. And the deadly nightshade jar is first choice for the safe and secure storage of extremely valuable comestibles in deterring sneaky light fingered kitchen visitors. 🙂

    Interesting collection of oddities, funny, no recollection of anyone resurrecting or rebranding Mithridate for pandemic sufferers. 😛

    Over here we have bitumen bandits, tar comes at a premium, thus such temptations – along with dreams of driveway makeovers- ultimately end up in the tar pit. 🙁

    Some of the southern states, particularly Louisiana and Alabama raise alligators for their meat and eggs, plying them with “vegan” fare consisting of soy bean based pellets or similar. If it is available your way, might be inspiration for some snappy recipes. 🙂