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Bob Marley

    There are still omnibus editions and trade paperbacks! As well as compilations of limited series like Watchmen. 🙂

    😀 Book is only a few USD, probably worth snagging. 🙂 Shame it seems to be out of print, though, even though the website is still being updated.

    Yeah, a lot of businesses have them here and they’re going nuts! I’ve been trying to eradicate elephant ears from my garden with limited success. Tried digging them out and they come back. Tried dowsing them in glyphosate and that knocks them back for a while but then they come back eventually. Going to need to see if there’s something stronger. Mexican petunias are also problematic here. They’re taking over after someone planted them a long time ago. They’re even growing up underneath the siding of the buildings. While I love the appearance of both, they’re really a problem!

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