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    Back in the day they would release “Collector’s item” comic editions, usually compilations, best of’s, or reprints of #1s or notable artist or event editions. Believe it or not, there’s even an article about that, doesn’t mention value or prices, unsurprisingly. 😛
    🙂 If for some reason we become unsatisfied with the veracity of content on the Book of Alternative Records, we could publish our own Alternative Book of Alternative Records, with a note in the preface explaining that the current edition won’t contain alternative facts! 😛
    Got the landscaper here, he’s dug out a large Century Plant as the radial roots have been pushing up pups for years now. The description and proposed actions in this article are rather drastic, over here “more gentle” methods such as application of undiluted glyphosate on the triffids agave clusters have also failed. Despite a soft spot for the appearance of plant and flower, there is no hankering for an agave lawn, and bye the bye it has spread a little down the eastern gully side, and more prominently on the far northern hillside. 🙁