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    Grading and cover pricing are relatively recent developments in comic pubs, there’s thread on grading and Cvr pricing over at Reddit. Back in the day, comic syndication was the province of newspaper editors, as a replacements these on first spec come across as an elaborate way of increasing revenue for Mr. Middleman!
    Middleman comic hero
    There’s obviously more to it, so waiting with bated breath for more developments at portals such as BeachBum Comics, which hopefully turn up commingled with streamlined prices at the checkout. 🙂
    Have you ever borrowed a book from a library, and not returned it yet? How about this fellow not returning Psychedelics for 37 years! A candidate ripe for The Book of Alternative Records no doubt. 😛
    Have Californian geraniums your way? Quite a handsome looking plant naturalising further north of here as an not too unpleasant escapee from gardens. 🙂