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Bob Marley

    I’ve seen a variety of flavored soaps, too! Used to be pretty popular but that trend seems to have waned 😛

    About half the cost is for the grading and cover price. The grading service is 15 – 20 USD depending on outfit and the cover price is 6 – 7 USD. Looks like it’s also signed so that adds additional value. Personally, though, I wouldn’t pay more than 10 USD for an issue 😛

    I wouldn’t have minded if it weren’t such an odd one. Yeah, I’m sure they could have trained it with enough data entry (not sure how those things work).

    Interesting article in the most recent issue of Nature. They’re talking about how things keep falling down the digital memory hole and need to be better preserved. Haven’t read it yet as I’m still a few weeks behind but the Internet Archive definitely needs continued support so we don’t lose all of this important stuff!