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    Yes, legal teams championing work related injuries big over here along with pet/funeral insurance, discount furniture and sports betting apps, and who cannot sample the delights of loud and frequent promotions of reality programs – what else is new? 😛
    Great concept in the evolution of theatre, around the time of Weiss the Adams Family was like unto the Munsters, Smellovision was like unto Aromarama it seemed. All that is left now of Aromarama is Da Bomb. 🙂
    Quite an interesting choice for artists, is it not reasonable to use AI in situations where some repetition can be avoided? The AI robot “knows” the artist’s style, and will generate forms in a similar manner to him, and if the result looks too artificial, he just touches it up a little. Who will notice?
    $55 is surely a hefty price for the comic book, no doubt a sizable portion of the proceeds will be returned to the artist’s industrious AI developers. 😛
    Batman @ BeachBum Comics