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Bob Marley

    It was mostly a joke game but had a lot of publicity 😛 Haven’t played it myself yet but I’ve been meaning to just for the “fun” of it 😛

    Yep! Most the games are your standard fighter fair but that does make some sense as the most popular series (DBZ and Super) are all about fighting. They did make an RPG a couple of years back, Kakarot, following Goku’s life but I haven’t checked it out yet even though it goes on sale pretty often. They could easily do an adventure game based on Dragon Ball since that’s less fighting and more about making friends and hunting the Dragon Balls. Seems like a missed opportunity!

    Awakening looks like it’s the digital version of the physical card game. The actual card game used to be pretty popular but has waned in recent years but I think our LGS may still sell some packs (not sure, though).

    Fallout could be a good one for a series as it’s got a lot of lore to it that they can explore, especially the time before the games. Will be quite interesting to see how it turns out! They’re also doing a tie in with the Magic card game. They just did an LotR tie-in, not sure how Fallout fits in 😛