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    Might have seen it sometime pre-millennia, standard fare, Yvonne de Carlo could have insisted on a better direction perhaps, would there be any truth in suggesting that being Merman’s wife well and truly wore her out?
    Not sure about Confessions of a Dangerous Mind either, there’s something in it that does not attract, perhaps the matter-of-fact dialog style – and the as-you-please or “laissez-faire” directorial approach. A pre-viewing requisite would be some knowledge of Chuck Barris, who compered the Gong Show. For redeeming features, a second (viewing) opinion is required, so one for the backburner. 🙂
    Bill & Ted, for me the Beavis and Butthead of Sci-Fi fantasy- doesn’t quite fit, but there you go. Bogus Journey had a couple of gags including the seance scene: