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    😀 Draw the FuddGates! That man has to be held culpable for Fudding the landscape with wascally wabbits!

    Could have been a directorial ploy to grab the attention of certain patrons known to fall asleep in those dark, dank, smoky cinemas of yesteryear, because they have each borne witness to predictable plots and lifeless acting all before. Either that, or a directorial overdose of amphetamines, prompting a sudden desire to end the current plot and introduce new sets and characters as promotion for their next up and coming, but completely unrelated hit movies!

    Do faintly remember seeing this before, A_Fistful_of_Dollars, there is a solid Clint fanbase over here down under, so our hero is sure to rise on one channel as soon as he sets on another. The film is just about as brutal as any slasher, eclipsing the finer points of Leone’s styling, hence unable to dispel the dubiousness in Rotten Tomato’s rating of #8 in their top 100 Westerns. (Well, looking at that list, Wikipedia is out of date, as it is now #14, replaced by Unforgiven at #8).
    OTOH, there may not be more than around 20-30 westerns in that list worth seeing (again) in any case, which is testimony to the eternal critical dilemma, a “good” film may not always be an “enjoyable” one. 😛