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Bob Marley

    They still did when I last took the train to visit my aunt in another state fifteen years ago. Of course, that was an overnighter so luggage compartments were expected. They were on the outside, though, on each carriage and only gave you enough room under the seat for a duffel. Would have liked an actual compartment inside so I wouldn’t need to worry as much about my bag but such as it is. 🙂

    Too bad folding bikes aren’t more popular. The ones I’ve seen have been quite cool: able to become nice and tiny to fit in the seat next to you. They would solve a lot of problems!

    And, of course, Family Land makes an appearance! 😀

    The idea of FilterWorld makes me think of a post in Nature I read yesterday. Someone went to describe how the Universe is a result of compounding of several different events, using silliness as examples, and how we’d live in a different Universe entirely if the seemingly pointless events never happened. He focused on silliness to make a point and I think just because it made it a lot more fun 😛