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    In the “good old days”, such as they were, many trains had luggage compartments in the carriage, or an entire carriage for luggage, a caboose if you will. Different solutions are required today for the commuting cyclist of today, perhaps one or two carriages equipped with extra racks would do the job.

    Interesting stuff on the radio today:

    Exposed brick, smashed avocado, hanging edison bulbs, the patina of industry and reclaimed wood furniture – this is what writer and critic, Kyle Chayka calls Filterworld. It’s greige, ambient, seamless, meaningless; its sameness disguised as difference, homogeneity recast as authenticity, placelessness as specificity. Its manifestations in architecture, design, food – the aesthetic landscapes in which we live – is a kind of perverse application of Brian Eno’s description of ambience as being as ignorable as it is interesting. Kyle discusses the political and psychological implications of this ubiquitous global ambience and what it means to live in a machine-curated world.

    He goes on to describe the time when visitors to an Instagram Wall decorated with an angel wings mural are required to stretch their arms out in front of it, and then request a friend or passerby to take a photo of them in the pose. Then post it to Instagram, with the appropriate hashtag, and search the hashtag for an almost infinite number of other folks in the same place doing exactly the same thing. The idea is that the The Tyranny of the Algorithm constructs places in RL and on the internet (of social media) to all be a mod on this prototype. My classic mind translates this as a homogenous gloop of plurality as found in Warhol’s soup cans. πŸ˜›
    So yep, FilterWorld is where we are at right now, which got me thinking, has there ever existed a canonical list of names ending with “land” or “world”? As it turned out, commencing a quest of instant info hit will do it, asked my first question at Reddit, let it bring forth much filtered yet unfettered truth, so help me Algorithm!