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Bob Marley


    Decided to try the sausages again as it’s been a few years. Hopefully I don’t find any fragments this go around 🙂

    Yep, pedestrian and bike traffic seems to be an afterthought! Just a couple of months ago, they were doing sidewalk repairs by laying down new sections of concrete and decided to do both sides of the road on the same day. Come on! I had to walk somewhere! 🙁

    It varies. On the main road, bikes need to abide by similar rules as to cars but, on trails, it’s mostly a courtesy thing. While you’re supposed to signal on roads, very few people know about and do so and it’s not at all enforced.

    Yep! That’s actually the next article in the issue I’m reading! Would have gotten to it yesterday but I read a paper by NASA on how the Greenland Ice Sheet was doomed in it which kind of threw me off a bit. Kind of depressing.