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    Neither do they focus on Ley Lines, Te lapa, Fairy Circles, creepypasta, or generally things that go bump in the night!

    Yeah, the 45 minute episode formula, even the original X-Files was no more than a bunch of lightly serialised well packed stories – ever come across anything that spanned more than one episode?

    We did mention Starwars – so chanced upon this 13mb download of a beauty at Wayback. Star Roars, The Force and I, The Empire Strikes Out, Rehash of the jeti, may the farce be with you, and gooly o’ gosh this imagination never ever conceived of such a creation as the Millennium Enterprise.
    Never knew the great teacher Obi-Wan Kenobi was actually Oldie Von Moldie, a 97 year old Commercial Airline Pilot who in his spare time, moonlights as a Telephone Operator after many years teaching this guy:

    I’m Lube Skystalker! I’m majoring in “Incredible Space Heroics” at Buffoon Tech! As my Term Project, I decided to organize an army, find a convenient space ship, rescue you, and fly you six billion miles to safety on the planet, Dreidel!

    Fun fact, Obi was no Gradgrind either.
    Gradgrind from Hard Times