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Bob Marley

    And the Mouse on the Shelf could also be useful!

    Their website is still using old share links? Cool! They don’t go searching for Bigfoot. Pretty sure that’s the realm of cryptozoologists, though 😛

    Kind of surprised the organization wasn’t featured in The X-Files. If it was, I missed it. Probably should watch the series again, anyhow. 🙂 Didn’t watch the newer seasons. Watched a few episodes and they didn’t have the same charm so I didn’t continue.

    Haven’t really come across anything but didn’t know about the site. Will check it out!

    Yeah, clock radios seem to be decreasing in quality. That makes me sad. 🙁 They’re still useful! Not everyone wants to pull out their phones to check the time and they’re great for background noise! Speaking of which, I need to track down a few myself. They’re getting rather hard to come by over here!