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    A name for the mouse? Heck no, these might come in handy for a list later: The mouse fairy, Tydium Night-rat, Mouse-in-pad, De-tail E-lab-o-rat, House of Shining Rodients!
    These days they won’t need to, as there is a webpage. Is there life after death, and was there life before 1937?
    Talking of the out-there and mysterious, someone posted an SCP game script, contributions required, have you come across any SCP items of interest? No direct SCP references to be found in the xkcd comics – someone suggested this, and, segueing into related, wonder if Strange Planet is any good?
    The alarm clock radio turned out to be a dud, the replacement is a lot better, and the good news continues, the Product Review Team finally merged the Facebook account into the gmail one – kudos to them!