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Bob Marley

    Nope. Used to follow their RSS feed but it doesn’t look like they have that anymore? May need to sign up for the newsletter then 🙂 Biggest worry with Mailchimp would be if someone gained access to their database and got you on more spam lists. Not exactly an ideal situation 😛

    That gives me an idea for floating brooms for a theme park ride. Will post it in that thread when I get time!

    But, yeah, I like that idea! Would be a big hit with the kids and us nerds 😛

    May get a new mouse soon. The mechanical switch seems to be putting too much pressure on the joint in my index finger so I’m thinking of getting one with an optical switch to make it a bit more comfortable. Didn’t used to have this problem so it sounds like my joints may be aging at a faster rate than expected :/ Technology has changed a lot in recent years!

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