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Bob Marley

    Yep, Boing Boing is pretty good about giving attribution! Been a favorite blog of mine for close to twenty years now. 🙂

    And check out the retro about page 😀

    Yep, it’s come a long way from what I’ve read. Playing without mods for now, I may install them later on. 🙂

    The visuals are pretty stunning without mods and the game runs pretty well on my hardware. Water does tend to cause the fans to rev up, maybe because of the physics code?

    The best part is the game world, though, as I mentioned. In the castle itself, suits of armor spontaneously break into fights, the portraits do fun stuff, ghosts cause mischief…. All over the game world, there are tons of things to interact with. You can skip stones down by the lake, cause the watering cans to fly about, and more. Always gives me a smile!

    They did kind of miss the boat on equipment, though. It’s simply a numbers game without special properties (other than visual) and the chests are levelled so it’s something to keep in mind. It would have been nice to at least have different properties for each wand type that you can collect.

    I’m waiting to do more exploring until I unlock brooms or mounts to make traveling much easier. 🙂

    I feel like the world could use a coordinated international garbage strike to help create awareness regarding excessive waste

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