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    Although PG might be hiding a shiver or three, methinks the feet are well covered. 🙂
    Watched Valérian et la Cité des mille planètes (excuse the French) the other night.

    Should we ever mention that word “uneven”, some spectacular visuals, the basic plot line worked, but wanted beefing up, ditto for the leads, enjoyable enough not to turn it off half way through, as one might in the case of something really spectacular showing on the other FTA channels. These days, not a chance. 😛
    The demise and crash of the large alien spacecraft – which precipitated the events of the movie – was done in a rather hurried fashion, so we’ll never know who the aliens were, the name/description of the ship, or how it could have destroyed an entire planet the way it did. Oh well.

    Anyway, back to comics, the movie was of course inspired by the well known and long running Valérian and Laureline sci-fi series from the sixties. So well known in fact, never got to read it. 😛
    An obit for the artist is at downthetubes, and did you know any of the ten things Star Wars “borrowed” from the comic? The Peter Cushing likeness is – well – rather close. 😛