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Bob Marley

    I have two but you can add more if you want greater accuracy or a larger playing area.

    I’ve noticed that it doesn’t occur as often if I turn the controller on before the computer. This morning, though, it started crackling while the computer was going through POST so I flipped the controller off and back on again and that got them back up and running again. Will need to do a deep dive!

    The lights are for the settings and notification to change the filters but my other purifier has an option to turn off the lights! If they get too annoying, I may just slap some duct tape over them 😛


    It’s getting harder and harder to get good science articles in the Google News feed. For some reason, they keep pushing political and social stories on me (I don’t care about whether or not someone farted on a plane (I kid you not, that was an article they thought I’d be interested in)) even though I keep telling them to give me science! This AI trend isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 😛

    I’m still hoping to get back to being able to post some articles of interest for us to discuss but it’s hard to get them!