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Bob Marley

    Lasers! The base stations emit a laser beam on a motor and the headset uses it for positioning. A lot of other headsets use cameras, which are cheaper but don’t have the same kind of accuracy (and can’t be used in the dark). 🙂 The accuracy is much better since I elevated them by mounting them on the wall, which is nice 🙂

    Yuck! You’re not using a CRT screen by any chance, are you? Could also be a bad video cable. My HDMI cable on the TV went out a few years back at the same time as the receiver died (was a pain to diagnose as I wasn’t expecting both to die at once) and it caused a green screen as a result (when it’d even show anything thanks to the kaput receiver).

    I need to check the wiring on my computer speakers. They started popping a week or so ago only when I turn them on and are now barely emitting any sound. Hopefully it’s just the wiring but I haven’t gotten around to troubleshooting yet.

    Mine are usually retail versions as I like to order from Microsoft directly just to make sure I’m getting a legitimate copy. That and I like installing the OS myself to make sure everything is set up the way I like it since I like running several operating systems. 🙂

    Yeah, it’s been very wet this week and is supposed to drop to 37F next week. Fortunately, I like the cold weather 😛

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