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    Did zoom help at all in the news clips, over here something like a 250% boost was required.

    Funny thing with the Smeg Coffee maker (AUS version) today, the filtration now cuts out after around two cups in the 12 cup carafe, and will not resume when the machine is switched off and on again. The only time it will resume is when the unit is empties and refilled.
    This also affects the descaling. A fascinating video of the process here where the filtration cuts out at about 1:35 to 1:40 in the video. Over to Smeg for this one. 🙂

    On the radio there was a very interesting show about ADHD, must confess some of my earlier days might have deviated somewhat from the neurotypical, taking byte sized chunks from OCD, DD and ADHD, well past all that now. The upshot from todays show was that you could never self diagnose with the three types ADHD, it has to be performed by a professional. The journalist from the show has quite a following in TikTok – here’s a short video on what she gets up to.


    My #adhd #chorecharm bracelet fueled morning routine explained! Credit to @SailorJager for the system #adhdtiktok #adhdinwomen #adhdtok #adhdtips #adhdhacks #journalistsoftiktok #authorsoftiktok #morningroutine

    ♬ original sound – Matilda Boseley