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Bob Marley

    Almost twelve! But she doesn’t act like it! Sounds good! 🙂

    Sorry! Meant the main database. The battery drain has always made it hard to look up information on the go. Haven’t played Master Duel yet but I’ve been meaning to. Have you played a card game like this before? I like them. I find that they give more variety than a game using playing cards 🙂

    Really have no idea. It’s been hanging out in my Kobo recommendations for about a year now and, at first, it sounded like a young adult series so I passed on it. A few weeks ago (the books are long), I finally decided to give it a go and it was very different from what I thought it’d be. Haven’t read the interludes yet as I didn’t know about them. Kobo doesn’t usually include the offshoots in the series so it takes you from the main book to the next main one instead of breaking it up with the side stories. May read them after I’m done with the third book 🙂