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Bob Marley

    With a stag as the game piece? 😛

    We do have the Escape from the Swamp idea. Sadly, we weren’t able to grab it before Teams went belly up. Perhaps we could try to pick it up again?

    Yeah, they’re a bit of a rarity these days. 🙁

    Snowy was the underrated star of the series! I do love his commentary on the events in the stories. 🙂

    Over the years, three of my copies got misplaced. Hopefully they turn up at my dad’s place as I haven’t read those in a while. They also did a TV series based on the books. I only saw a few episodes and that was when I was a kid but I enjoyed them at the time. No idea how well they held up but I can see if one of the streaming services has them available.

    🙁 We have a similar issue out west. Many lakes and rivers are starting to dry up. Utah is turning into a salt flat, too 🙁