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Bob Marley
    On Laurie Stearn said

    Probably not, for no other good reason than the other squillion games waiting on the to-do pile. 😛
    Yeah, seems that way looking at this post at GOG, but things have changed somewhat since then. Reading from the general consensus from this thread at Reddit, if you were to acquire the game now, get the EE. In purchasing the game around 2007, the choice was not available, as Beamdog was not even embryonic. 😛

    Sounds good. I think the EE versions also added support for higher resolutions, which is always nice in these types of games to better see the playing area. 🙂

    On Laurie Stearn said

    Edited the OP, turns out the vanilla Override folder in the New directory was pointed to, and the extra files in the original Override folder caused the resolution exception. Must have contained some widescreen mod files that somehow got misconfigured or mangled – who knows? Edit: The extra files are viewable here, and all date from around 2001, so must be have been from a re-issue of part of another earlier official patch most likely 1.3.5521.
    The nasty error occurred after the physical removal of the “baldur’s gate New”, upon which the initial reaction was: 😲

    Possibly! I know widescreen hacks can sometimes cause issues. In Rollercoaster Tycoon, you need to manually add in the extra resolutions with a hex editor. The game engine itself can handle them but the resolutions are hardcoded into the executable. Not exactly an elegant solution but it works 😛