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    How about devising a new game based on an old one – like a game of “Prong”, involving the wielding of a pointed implement capable of popping balls bouncing of walls. Well- er, if the mechanics of such a game will not inspire, the name is catchy enough, no?
    No candy store in the immediate locale, one which boasts of being “environmentally focussed” might do well though.
    Yes, he likes it there, it’s a thoroughfare section though, so being tripped over and trodden on would come with the territory. Alternately, a nice, cosy spot nearby is one he will take to quite willingly. 🙂
    Ah yes, do allow this confession coming on strong, the first line in the article for Rin Tin Tin is “not to be confused with …”. Well, it turns out an irrefutable fact that the confusion did once exist, even to the point of imagining Snowy as some kind of international version Rin Tin Tin. 🥴
    We’re not in a technical drought yet, rather, drought affected. 🙁