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Bob Marley

    But they still need to worry about getting punched in the face! Most uncomfortable! 😛

    Superheroes seem to cause a lot of collateral damage, even when they’re just combatting the forces of nature 😛

    I remember getting a card for free game time, I think it was for three months, with a computer of mine twenty years ago for the second game. Never used it for some reason, even though I did try WoW (wasn’t my cup of tea: too much grinding). I’m really surprised that they’re both still online. They definitely don’t do a whole lot of advertising so it makes me wonder how people find out about the games.

    Speaking of games, I’m still trying to determine what I like now. Been so long that I’m not really sure what kinds of games interest me. 😛

    If the bag is pure plastic, then it can usually be dropped off at a grocery store. I always wash out the recyclables with soap and water first to reduce contamination at the plant.

    Old fashioned candy stores can be fun! We don’t have any where I live but other cities in the state do. Really brings a feal of nostalgia!

    😀 Have you thought about setting up a dog bed for him there? He sure seems to enjoy that spot!

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