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Bob Marley

    It’s on the list! Going to wait for a sale, though. 🙂

    I do quite enjoy the freedom of NMS and how it doesn’t have a story or anything. It does have rudimentary quests but they’re mostly designed to introduce you to the game elements. It’s not exactly an RPG, mostly a survival and space exploration game 🙂

    Probably not. Now, Discworld would make a fun anime series. Surprised they haven’t done an adaption yet!

    Strange! I wonder if some of the fumes have neutralized the odor?

    Yay! He is missing many of the older ones from the pre-Geforce days. They may have been removed by the original author, though. I lost track of the site around 2013 :/

    In particular, his article analyzing the visual effects various graphical settings had were quite beneficial!

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