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    It was the original, and back on the watchlist as might have confused it with something else. 🙂
    Don’t get all of the negative feedback on Legend, even though Scott did take on the task of pruning a fair chunk off the original to “suit the locale.” It’s a fantasy after all, and seemed to be adequate for the genre, although some of the scenes were derived from such stock that might be described as somewhat “kitsch iconic.” Some of the events in the story & scene switches jerked on the senses a bit, and being a Fantasy focussed on Cruisey “valorization”, the dialogue was to be interpreted as music rather than anything that had to be put to the understanding. Wonder if the voice of the vampiric Darkness could have been the source of inspiration for The Transcendent One in Planescape: Torment? 🙂
    Goldsmith’s original score was very good, as were the follow-ups, many of the youtube video clips may incur copyright censoring, so the following may not be around for long: