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    Wow, know what model? If it’s possible to view the content either through the camera or an SD reader, does there come up anything interesting?
    How interesting, the Wikipedia article says there was an earlier series:

    Starting in July 2009, Power Girl received her first ongoing series, simply titled Power Girl (vol. 2), with the first twelve issues written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, drawn by Amanda Conner,[10] and colored by Paul Mounts.[11][12] According to Comic Book Resources, the series has been “wildly praised for its fresh and fun approach.”[13]

    Wonder who she paired with in that?
    The local newsagency moved shop in downsizing, and funnily enough at the same time someone faraway decreed no more MAD magazine issues were to enter this country. It so happens this is the last issue here. RIP AEN! 🙁
    Edit: Posted this to Facebook, as the file was a bit too large (Zuck has plenty of free). 😛

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