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    Anything with Leslie Nielson usually turns out well, especially before he started doing comedy. 😛 And JL Curtis’s dancing an eyecatcher!
    Yeah, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane is described as cross genre, noting it won a Saturn award for Horror, the mystery element also makes it definitely on the watchlist here.
    Those others look good as well, do remember Fletch. They want to start putting some of these on the FTA channels, too, a minor setback is that their programming staff have been programmed to make us all miserable. 😛
    Currently streaming Devils (Diavoli), it’s about fictitious events in 2011, which initially made me think the series was made around then. These eyes are not well enough trained to spot any anomalies (e.g. Dempsey ~2021 versus Dempsey ~2011) until reading the Wikipedia article at time of writing. 😛