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Bob Marley

    Cool! I think Roku has Trilogy of Terror so will add it to the watchlist! I really enjoy these older horror films. Much better than more recent ones! I’m also finding I enjoy the unrated ones more than ones with ratings as they’re not as constrained by the ratings outfits so they’re able to put more into them. Some of it is budget related, too 😛

    Saw Cannibal Girls yesterday. It was a really good thriller but I wouldn’t call it a comedy. It did have a few chuckles in it but if there was more, it was lost on me.

    Roku has a lot of horror classics available on the Roku Channel!

    I liked Robot Wars a lot. I haven’t seen it in almost ten years! Yeah, it and Battle Bots come and go over here. At the high school level, the equivalents have been going strong for a while but upper level competitions don’t seem to last. Really makes me sad 🙁