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Bob Marley

    Will take a look at Rampage. It’s actually been on Hulu’s home page for a few weeks now, pestering me to watch it 😛

    Sorry! I watched the original one. I really need to get better at linking the film pages 😛

    Documentary Now! is locked behind a paywall here. 🙁 Hopefully I’ll get to watch it at some point!

    Will keep an eye out for Portlandia!

    I’ve noticed that horror films from independent studios tend to be a bit more fun than those from the big names. At least, I tend to like them more. 😛

    For some reason, though, I have a hard time enjoying newer horror films. Anything made since 2010, I find strangely boring. Not sure why. I really should get back to watching decent stuff again, though 😛

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