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Bob Marley


    They’re fun but they do have a few loose ends they don’t tie up, such as items getting misplaced and then inexplicably showing up again. 😛

    Yep! The films feature music by John Williams. They’re also going to reboot the films in the form of a TV series. A lot of people aren’t thrilled with it but I welcome it! Perhaps it’ll help them become more accurate as they won’t need to cut out as much. The films cut out most of the sequences featuring the classes as they don’t have much bearing on the overall plotline but add a lot to the literary atmosphere but they should work better in a TV show format. I think a Potter MMO would go over quite well as the message in the books is predominantly one of friendship. There’s a lot they could do with an MMO format. Legacy does look like fun, though!

    The William books look fun! Will see if I can get them on the e-reader!

    The more the merrier! May start one up on Zelda when I get the new one installed 🙂

    Huh, interesting. Not sure of a good way to design it. You definitely want it easy to trigger for an emergency but that can also lead to issues like that. :/

    Yikes! Yeah, copying like that isn’t cool. It’s okay if it’s been heavily inspired but copying the exact structure and using similar phrasing is going a bit far. 🙁