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Bob Marley


    Yep! I really do enjoy picking up my comic books in the shop. Sometimes we start up on general conversation regarding various plot points or even some of the social groups I try to organize. 🙂

    Sorry! Meant Action Comics. The login session had reset while I was typing it up so I had to rush and type it back in as close as I could remember the words. Seems I forgot to finish the title 😛

    Batman 900/135 was a lot of fun! Not much plot but it was a delightful romp through Batman history with The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and even Adam West making appearances and more!

    Looks interesting, will add it to the list! 2015 would be recent for most of the stuff I watch. I’m a big fan of the 80s for some reason. 😛

    Got Alan Partridge on the watchlist! May sneak in a viewing today or the weekend!

    Been reading the Potter books again and they differ from the films in some important ways. For instance, in the fourth story during the first task, the film has Harry avoiding magic as he’s feeling self-conscious about how he doesn’t belong in the tournament. In the book, however, he doesn’t really care and just starts right off by summoning the broom. The distinction is important as it greatly changes his characterization!