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    Metric over here, so Attack of the 15.24 Woman. 😛
    Anything from the Little Shop of Nuclear Plant Horrors is sure to take one off-piste, even if you happen to be a script writer for the film!
    Kill the Messenger was on again, do remember seeing at least a part of it before, funny how the guy in real life was later found shot in the head twice, explained away as suicide.
    Another film based on RL, The Whistleblower, doesn’t hold back in realism. Again, a confrontation of David against Goliath where David scores a momentary win before sinking into uneventful obscurity.
    Nightmare Alley is a slick production, have to say, with a sprawling and fascinating story. The original movie with Tyronne Power is available at Wayback, also on the list for later.
    Tonight there was Gunpowder Milkshake, another neo-noir styled affair with mood lighting and stagey sets, turns out great for a completely brain dead fiesta of girl power and gore. 🙂