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Bob Marley

    And one of the characters from the book is a Time Lord himself. The book is pretty fun!

    Not sure on the comic but will look! I still haven’t seen the Body Snatchers even though it’s been on the actual watchlist for years (not sure which version). I really need to change that 🙁

    Will check it out! Been a while since I’ve watched some of the old crime films from the 40s. Probably need to fix that as those were quite good. Sometimes, I really miss cable simply for TCM 😛

    Yep, saw the Wicker Man last year! Was quite enjoyable 🙂

    Caught up with some more Troma films the other week and that was fun. Always do enjoy Troma films. Also got this gem lined up. Olen Ray films are fun! They remind me a lot of Roger Corman’s films 😛

    Also started up the remaster of DBZ. It’s so much better than DBZ Kai since it’s just not fight after fight. It actually has world building!